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Okay, this page is solely for the purpose of informing you all about the update situation.

October 18 1999
Yep, I'm still here ^.^ Supprised? That's understnadable. Sorry the updates are so sparse! There's good news though! I am going to do a big image gallers update with in the next 2 weeks. I've had many requests to "get up your Helios shrine" and "get more manga images" so guess what? I'm going to! I have lots of manga and I'm going to scan them! ^.^ Well, thanks for listening! Later!

November 28 1999
You will not believe this!!! I can update from my house again!!! Yes!! ::dances around:: That means that, get this, I will actually be adding new stuff to the site! Like the Helios page, and extended gallery...everything!! I'm actually gonna do it this time!! Yea! Well I'll see you all soon! Later! ::bubbling::

February 25, 2000
Wow. I'm sort of late for saying Happy New Year aren't I? Oh well. Forgive me I'm lazy. You know what? I'm going to scan my manga soon as I get my novels back from a friend. At the moment I really don't have anything to scan. That includes the Helios pics. They will be up soon though, I promise. Anyway, keep looking in for updates. Later!

June 16, 2000
Well, I assume you've read the main page, but just so you know, it's all true. I only scanned 8 new pics today, (good ones two you gotta check em out ;)but theres plenty more to come! The new pics are in the Manga section of the Gallery. Enjoy!

January 2, 2001
Hey! Long time no update :p Happy new year!Here's the skinny on what I did today and what's to come soon: I revemped all the links pages. No more dead links! Why? There are no links! Zoey's Picks are SM sites chosen by me (and some adopted kiddies ^.^), SM Sites are SM sites chosen by you, and Anime Links are links from other anime's also chosen by you. Hope you enjoy the changes! Also I have my mangas back and the Helios shrine is scheduled to be up and running my Feb 1! (My b-day! Yay!)See you guys later!