Welcome To My Little Corner of the Circle

Hey. I dont know how you got here, but quite honestly I dont have much to offer just yet. My name's Leah Clark and I live in the middle of Hickville, TN. By the way, sorry about the really corny header. I was having a brain fart and it sounded really cool when I wrote it. Plus, I'm lazy and don't really want to change it. ::sigh:: Anyway. The whole point of this page is so I can let the whole world know that I have a scanner. WHOO HOO!! Actually, what this page really is gonna be is a place to put pictures I've taken, stuff I've drawn and stuff my friends have drawn or whatever. Okay since you're getting bored I'll give you something to do. Go here. It's cool. It's not porn, I promise. It's my friends band. They're really cool. Be sure to sign the book and tell them I sent you.
Well it's late and since I've established a page now. I'm done for the night. I'd like everyone to know that this page will indeed get better. Really. I promise. It'll have tool bars and a counter and a guestbook and everything. I just dont fell like messing with it right now. Okay I'm really done this time.